17 Meaning. The number 17 is what I refer to as the immortality number. With the power of this number, you leave behind a legacy—to your family, the community, or the greater world. Because of this you are intrigued and attracted to live a lifestyle of exploration and invention.

Meaning of Angel Number 17. Angel number 17 derives its meaning from numbers 1 and 7. One is the number that is connected with leadership qualities such as optimism, independence, and assertiveness. Number 1 is highly materialistic, having to do with mastery over the material aspect of life. Number 7 is a much more spiritual number.

Angel number 17 meaning reveals that your relationship status will be so important in your life. You will have feelings for falling in love as well as having emotional balance . Being insecure and lack of expressing yourself will not be a part of you because your guardian angel is guiding you to being open-minded and speaking out your mind in your relationship.


 · Angel Number 17 is an incredible omen! As a powerful sign of power and opportunity, the appearance of this number in your life indicates a time of conscious awareness and intent. You’re in a position of great influence right now. But care and understanding are required, for you to reach fullness and the abundance that’s waiting.